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Client Testimonials – Toronto Home Staging

Like many bachelors, I need some assistance when it comes to decorating and renovating my home. I have great ideas, at least I believe so, but I do require someone who can put them into being. Thank you, Kelly, for assisting me with my kitchen renovations. I love the finished product. You took my ideas into account when designing this space and that I appreciate. Everyone who has seen my new kitchen loves it.When I come back from my trip, I am looking forward to working with you again in the decorating of my condo. It is time that I took it from ho hum to wow. It wasn’t until I had some female friends in that I now realize you were correct when you said it really looks like a guy lives here. I look forward to seeing the finished product and impressing my female friends with my home.CheersRay


It was great working with you and your team again. Moving is such a daunting task. There is so much that has to be organized. Hiring you certainly made my move less stressful. You organized the movers, bought the boxes and packing material and packed the whole condo. When moving day arrived, you managed to have the unpacking done, furniture arranged, pictures hung and beds made by the time I came home. I couldn’t believe it. It felt like home from the moment I walked into my new condo and Maggie loves it. Thank you for all your help.

Robert L. Borden

Toronto, ON

Thanks Kelly -Your work on this certainly made this selling with Todd way easier than I thought it would have been. Thank you so much. Shelly and I will need to reach out to you as well once things are settled at her place do go through and come up with some suggestions on what to do there.- Nick

Hi Kelly,The place looks fantastic, you did a great job and we appreciate all your hard work!!  It’s so nice to actually want to go into the office, I love your shower curtain idea in the basement too, and with the living room so nice we feel like having company over :)We sold for around 110% of list last night with 5 offers.  Lots more people might have bid had it not been on Bayview, but we were very happy with the results.

Thanks again,

Melanie and Rich

Dear KellyI want to share the recent success we experienced using your creative staging service. I have sold three renovated projects in the past year in each case you staged the units.The past two projects which were due to be completed by the end of November experienced construction delays which were untimely and unexpected not only to your schedule for staging but also reducing available marketing time during the Christmas period. We expected a longer selling time with costly delays to closing.

You were not only flexible to accommodate a changing schedule but your creative decorating made the units very appealing to purchase.

In one instance the unit sold within 9 days from the time you set it up, we had multiple offers and the sale closed January 18th, 2010.  The second unit sold during the Christmas holidays at over list price and closes at the end of January.

Your successful presentation of these units and flexibility got us back on schedule and allowed us to close these units in record time saving considerable carrying costs had the units not closed quickly.

I have enjoyed working with you and your staff and look forward to continuing our successful track record in future renovation projects.  I would not in the future try to sell a unit without your staging expertise. Your ability to present the space in the most desirable fashion takes the risk out of home sales.

Thanks again.

Best regards

Michael Strus

Of all the renos and work we did to sell our house hiring Kelly was absolutely the best investment we made. Our realtor recommended Kelly to us and having used this realtor twice we trusted his judgement. Kelly came and helped us figure out of our ‘to do reno’ list what we really needed to do and what could be ‘staged away’.I would estimate that Kelly saved us around 20k at the end of the day.She also had contacts for flooring that we used that were amazing and really inexpensive. We even got a deal on the moving ‘pods’. My husband was skeptical about using a stager but after she was finished he had to admit that she did an amazing job, and even we loved the end result. She was able to use a lot of what we had but by using key pieces and moving them around in way we had never considered transformed our house into a much more inviting – and sellable – home. What my hubby liked the best is how he didn’t have to be ‘involved’ – she remembered everything, took care of moving everything and it was magically transformed without him having to life a finger.Kelly is also a fabulous person. You will instantly like her and trust her practical advice. She’s got a great eye for colour and space. I will never sell another home without using Kelly. Even with the furniture rental the whole process was very reasonable and with the savings on the moving pod and the flooring guy her services were more than paid for.


Kelly was punctual, knowledgeable and super friendly! At our initial meeting, she went through our place with eyes of a pro. She wrote up the necessary changes we needed to make and what she would be able do for us. The day of the staging she cleaned up everything. The staged furniture blends well with our existing style. Kelly hid our personal items out of open view and followed it up with a phone call to let us know where she hid everything. Not an easy task, if you know what our place looked like. Our rooms have flow and look fantastic.Sonia & Mark